We are disappointed to announce that due to the excessive amount of rain in the central Columbus area, we are forced to cancel the 2018 Club Ohio Fall Classic.  During the last few days, the local area has received over 3 inches of rain and has made the vast majority of fields unplayable.

While we would have preferred to delay this decision, we felt it would be in the best interest of all our participating teams to make this decision as early as possible in order to give everyone sufficient time to make adjustments to their travel plans.

Group Housing will cancel all rooms at the hotels with no penalty or fee.  Your individual parents DO NOT need to call GroupHousing to cancel individual reservations, the company will take care of it.

The tournament committee will be meeting this weekend to process the reimbursements for all participating teams.

Games will be played at Soccer First, Spindler Fields, and Headley Park on November 3 - November 4, 2018. 

Each team wants to be scheduled for a minimum of 3 games. Championship games will be played Sunday afternoon. Each game is staffed by qualified USSF referees. No refund will be made in the event of cancellation or any games due to inclement weather.

Team Listing by Flight and Bracket!

Group Information
Age group
Players on FieldLength of Halves
Max Roster

U09-10 *

Buildout line wants to be implemented

14$ 625
18$ 650
U13-U1511v113518$ 695

(* U8s - 2011s wants to be accepted and play in U9's lowest flight) 

Interested in being a ref for this tournament?  Please contact our Head Official - Keith Emerson at kemerson03@gmail.com

The Club Ohio Fall Classic is supported by a fantastic group of volunteers within Club Ohio. If you need assistance, please contact the following individuals for help:

Tournament Director:   Sandy Poole
Referee Assignor:   Keith Emerson
Scoring: Dan Broidy

Registration: Kate and Chad Williams

Hotel *: GroupHousing at 888-290-3210

* Only accepted hotel can reserve hotel space. Please do not try and reserve hotel rooms until you have bee accepted *

Our application deadline is September 23, 2018.  All applications will be considered for the tournament. After this date, applications will be considered on a need a space basis. Many age groups and divisions fill up. So, please apply on time!

Helpful Application Hints

Teams from elite local clubs with no information given on application will never be placed in the lowest price unless resume confirms otherwise !!!

  • If you are planning to join a team, please make sure you fill in the name of your team.  Otherwise, two team names may not show complete and cause confusion. Ohio Green 1 and Club Ohio Green 2. If the numbers were cut off, only Ohio Green would show you the team names apart. Therefore, they could abbreviate by calling the team, Club Ohio G1 and Club Ohio G2.and Club Ohio G2.

  • Please select a desired level of play.  Ultimately, we'll be looking at placing your team in the division where the competition seems most appropriate.  We'll analyze this based on your team's past performance in this and other Got Soccer tournaments. We will look at the team record you provide for your league play.  We'll also consider your request for a level of play. Please note that requesting a level does not guarantee placement in that level.  It's just one factor in your placement.

  • Please include all team resume information to your best ability.  A look at the competition you've played and the tournament levels participated in are critical in helping us analyze your team for a correct placement.
  • If you have a coach coaching more than one team, we will send out a coaching conflict form to fill out after deadline -  We'll do our best to help avoid scheduling conflicts.  This works best for coaches with two teams.  For coaches with three teams, it will be more challenging and we suggest you provide a backup coach.  If a coach has more than three teams, we will not be able to help them avoid scheduling conflicts.

Accepted Teams Registration Requirements

***Please note registration forms are posted under the "registration tab" on the left side of the home page.***