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  1. Can I register my team early Saturday morning?

    No. All teams are required to upload your registration documents under your GotSoccer team account by the designated dates. We do not have the resources to check teams in at the fields.

  2. Can USYSA registered players participate as guest players on a US Club registered team?
    No. USYSA players may guest play for USYSA teams and US Club players may guest play for US Club Teams. You may not have differing cards from the associations if they are guest playing. Please email the tournament director if you have further questions at fallclassic@clubohiosoccer.com.  If you try to use a card from a different association, your player will be ineligible.

  3. Our team needs a hotel. Can you help us with that?

    All teams who need accommodations are REQUIRED to make hotel reservations through GroupHousing to insure their place. ONLY ACCEPTED TEAMS may hold a block for the team and parent by calling GroupHousing at 888-290-3210.

  5. What is a "stay and play" tournament?
    Simply stated, if your team requires hotel accommodations and is accepted to this tournament, your team must stay at one of the participating tournament hotels. These participating hotels are reviewable on the "hotel" link on the home page.  Not using the participating hotels can interfere with your team’s acceptance.

  6. What if my team is commuting or lives in town?

    We only require teams obtaining hotels to use the list.  If other arrangements are available, or you live close enough to avoid using a hotel, you are not required to do so.

  7.  My coach is bringing more than one team to your tournament?  Will be able to avoid conflicts?

    If you have a coach coaching more than one team, we will send out a coaching conflict form to fill out after deadline -  We'll do our best to help avoid scheduling conflicts. This works best for coaches with two teams. For coaches with three teams, it will be more challenging and we suggest you provide a backup coach. If a coach has more than three teams, we will not be able to help them avoid scheduling conflicts.

  8. How are teams placed in divisions?

    We work with all of our age group coaches and use all available data to place teams in the most appropriate divisions.  Factors considered are:
    1. Resume completed by you on your application.  The more detail you provide the better.
    2. Got Soccer rankings and information.
    3. Requested division.
  9. Please keep in mind that if you do not give us any team history on your resume, you increase the likelihood of an incorrect placement.  We’ll use all data we can find, but the more information the better.  In addition, we may not be able to accommodate your requested division.  For instance, if your team requests that most competitive or top division and there are teams that appear to be stronger, your team may be placed in the next highest.  Conversely, if your team requests the lowest division of play, but your resume stands out to play in a higher level, you will be placed where the competition looks appropriate.

Documentation Requirements

**All forms requested by the Club Ohio Fall Classic will be available for download in Sept/Oct.

A Special Note About Guest Players: A guest player must be carded through the same association as your team. In other words, if your team is using USYS cards, the guest player must have a USYS card. They MAY NOT have a US Club Card. If a team is rostered through US Club, the guest player must have a US Club Card. They MAY NOT have a USYS card.

In addition, if the guest player is not on your roster, they are considered a GUEST PLAYER. It doesn’t matter if they play for your club. If they are rostered on another team, they are a GUEST. Please pay close attention to this or your player may be ineligible.

Every year, the two situations above cause considerable stress to individuals at registration on Friday nights. We don’t want to put you or your player in a negative situation.

Frequently Asked Questions