Hotel Information

The Club Ohio Fall Classic is a Stay and Play Tournament.  In other words, if you are making a hotel stay for our tournament, you need to use one of our approved hotels. There is not a 2-night minimum. To ensure the quality of service provided for the Club Ohio Fall Classic, the directors have partnered with GroupHousing as the official Hospitality Hotel Service of the tournament. 
**We do allow for teams to commute that are within a 90-mile radius of their home clubs address, however, no special scheduling requests will be confirmed**

All teams who need accommodations are REQUIRED to make hotel reservations through GroupHousing to ensure their place in any in the event. Only accepted teams can reserve hotel space. Please do not try and reserve hotel rooms until you have been accepted. GroupHousing guarantees the lowest rate available.  GroupHousing will make this process efficient and friendly for you while providing exceptional hotel accommodations for all teams. Most hotels offer breakfast, kid-friendly services, budget-conscious rates, and amenities to enhance your stay. Each hotel is strategically located from the event locations.

Please note that if you are representing a club with multiple teams, the process will work best if you have each team make their own arrangements.  We suggest that each team representative work directly by phone with our booking agency.  We only have a handful of hotels that accommodate multiple teams.  And, you’ll want to book early in the process to make that happen.  It may be necessary to have teams at several locations.

Any exceptions must be approved by the tournament director.  

Please see the link for the hotels below. Each team will need to have a representative make a block for the team and parents.  You may also contact GroupHousing at 888-290-3210 to book your hotel as well.

We ENCOURAGE YOU TO CALL DIRECTLY FIRST!! There are VARIOUS ways to secure a block once you've been accepted, so please ask GroupHousing about these various options. 

*More hotels are being added daily, and if you would like to stay somewhere not listed, please contact GroupHousing and they would love to help, and make your reservation process easy!!!!